The excellence of Saint-Emilion’s terroir


For all who love exceptional, fine and elegant wines, Saint-Emilion is undeniably the favourite destination in the area.

le village de Saint-Emilion

The ravishing medieval village located at the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, nicknamedthe hill of 1,000 crus, is unique because of the amount of vineyards, the quality of its wines, its majestic architecture and its monuments. The art, history, vines, charm of the welcoming landscape and fairytale residences ensure that this medieval village listed as part of Unesco's world heritage , is the very essence of marvels just waiting to be discovered.

Loaded with history and perched atop a rocky promontory, Saint-Emilion and its vineyards draw their originality from the omnipresent limestone. It provides exceptional soil for the Saint-Emilion vines.
People have always adapted to this magnificent undulating landscape without every changing it, resulting in a balanced uniformity in architecture and colour. The ochre light envelopes and soothes whilst the history-laden stones take us on a journey to another time, that of the greatest of all French traditions.

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